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Sarah Griffiths, DCH

Synergy: The cooperation of two or more beings to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of themselves.

This project is a culmination of 20 years of experience, research, collaboration and education focused on species-orientated wellness. By studying the ecology and origin of species we can learn how to accurately care for our animals without political or egotistical bias. In order to truly understand what our animals need, we have to experience the world through their eyes. Join my never-ending journey to learn and share the science of animal synergy.

“Quality of life isn’t just about nutrition, supplements, lifestyle, or your relationship with your animal. It’s about understanding the dynamic and ever-changing relationship between all of these aspects. It is the key to caring for your animals in the most scientific and individual way.”

-The Animal Synergist

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Sarah Griffiths, DCH

Animal Nutritionist – Classical Homeopath

My name is Sarah and I’ve been on a journey for the last 20 years to learn how to keep animals and people healthy. My passion is learning and teaching people about the origin of species and how that relates to animal health. With a 20 year educational and professional background working with wild and domestic animals, I’ve gained a unique perspective on their needs through studying their ancestry. For years, I’ve been in the field studying wild and domestic animal husbandry – my teachers: wild cats, wolves, birds of prey, domestic cats and dogs, horses and more. I also spent 5 years a a veterinary mentored nutritionist for Adored Beast Veterinary Clinic in British Columbia, Canada. My formal certification (DCH) is in classical homeopathic medicine. I formulate all of the natural products for my sister company Equus Soap Co. which focuses on natural grooming options for animals and people. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to learn more about upcoming announcements, including courses, e-books and other offerings. My mission is to empower animal parents feel confident about choosing integrative options. I look forward to meeting you and your animal family members! Xoxox

When my four year old Labrador was diagnosed with Stage 1 Kidney Disease, I was devastated. I had read that a raw or home cooked diet could be used to limit the progression of the disease but I knew I needed help to ensure I was feeding a balanced diet. Much to the astonishment of our vet, a repeat blood panel several weeks later showed a positive change & shortly after there were no signs of kidney disease. I am incredibly grateful for Sarah’s advice & assistance.

-Danielle Le Chasseur

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