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The Animal Synergist’s canine nutrition and wellness services are designed to identify key areas in your dog’s life that might need improving or may even be contributing to illness development. Dogs may be domesticated but their ancestry still dictates their behaviour, their physiology and nutritional needs. In order to care for our dogs in the most supportive way, we have to see them for who they really are. Sarah takes a synergistic, species-specific approach based on 20 years of education, and clinical/field experience with a wide variety of wild and domestic species. Sarah has several years of experience handling dogs professionally, working with wolves and African painted dogs along with 10 years of clinical experience using species-appropriate nutrition in a small animal veterinary setting. She holds a diploma in classical homeopathy along with specialized small animal nutrition training. She uses this education and experience to understand the true nutritional and emotional needs of domestic canines. Not only will she look at their diet, but also their lifestyle, temperament, their relationship with you and current health challenges. Using this approach allows her to pinpoint physical and emotional stress and create a completely customized plan for your dog.

The comprehensive canine wellness plan includes: a 1 hour Zoom conference or phone consultation, a tailored diet and supplement recommendations, a homeopathic program, medical history review and one follow up appointment at no extra charge. This deep study of your animals’ case allows Sarah to carefully study each individual animal to understand where they need support.

The canine raw diet review plan includes: a one hour Zoom conference or phone consultation, a supportive/NRC-balanced diet plan along with supplement and recommendations plus one follow up at no extra charge. This plan is for healthy dogs or puppies (with no chronic health challenges) who are already eating raw and who’s guardians are looking to balance the diet by AAFCO/NRC standards.

The puppy wellness plan includes: a 30 minute Zoom conference or phone consultation, an NRC-balanced fresh food diet and supplement recommendations for healthy growth and long term health. This plan is for healthy puppies (no chronic health challenges) whose guardians would like to switch to a balanced fresh food diet.

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: Sarah Griffiths, DCH is not a veterinarian. The services at the Animal Synergist are not intended to replace veterinary medicine. They are part of proactive and preventative approach for your animal family members. If you feel that your animal is in an emergency situation, contact your veterinarian right away.

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We switched our dog over to raw proteins including turkey, chicken, and beef and a veggie mix.Today, Bella is much healthier weighing between 73-76 pounds! What is even more exciting is that her infections and hot spots have decreased significantly! We will continue to feed her raw in order for her to reap all its benefits!”

-Danielle Le Chasseur

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