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The Animal Synergist’s equine nutrition and wellness services are designed to identify key areas in your horse’s life that might need improving or may even be contributing to illness development. Sarah takes a synergistic, species-specific approach based on 20 years of education, and clinical/field experience with a wide variety of wild and domestic species. Sarah has worked as an equine farm manager, a veterinary technician, an equestrian working student, a professional rider and a riding coach to help her gain insights into equine stress management and husbandry. She also holds a diploma in classical homeopathy and is currently enrolled in a specialized 2 year equine nutrition program. Not only will she look at your horses’ diet, but also their lifestyle, temperament, their relationship with you and current health challenges. Using this approach allows her to pinpoint physical and emotional stress to create a completely customized plan for your horse.

The comprehensive equine wellness plan includes: a one hour Zoom conference or phone consultation, customized diet and supplement recommendations, homeopathic support, medical history review, and one follow up at no extra charge. This approach allows Sarah to carefully study each individual animal to understand where they need support.

The performance horse wellness plan includes: a one hour Zoom conference or phone consultation, a supportive/NRC-balanced diet plan along with supplement and lifestyle recommendations plus one follow up at no extra charge. 

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: Sarah Griffiths, DCH is not a veterinarian. The services at the Animal Synergist are not intended to replace veterinary medicine. They are part of proactive and preventative approach for your animal family members. If you feel that your animal is in an emergency situation, contact your veterinarian right away. 

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I have a lovely Anglo Arabian gelding who’s coat wasn’t looking as nice as previous years and was having training issues so I messaged Sarah to get her thoughts. Right off the hop she educated me on a whole foods approach for his nutrition and made some suggestions. Within 2 weeks of making changes his coat was noticeably different and by 4 weeks I noticed him being more playful, happier and more energetic. Within 6 weeks his hooves had also improved. When I began riding him again after a 6 week break he was no longer girthy, was way more willing to go forward and not resistant to many of the things he was before. 

-Christie Wengranowski

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