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Our seven year old chocolate lab, Bella, has struggled with her weight as well as a variety of other physical issues (i.e. allergies, dermatitis, hypothyroidism) since she was about two. This caused us to try a variety of diets, eliminating ingredients, but sticking to kibble. Two years ago we were blessed to meet Sarah who encouraged our family to make a change to go raw. I had considered it before, but my research always indicated it would be too expensive. When Sarah sat down with us, she showed us that it was possible (and not that much expensive than what we were spending on rare proteins) to make the switch. When we started, Bella weighed 83 pounds and was still suffering with allergies and infections, mostly yeast based. We switched her over to raw proteins including turkey, chicken, and beef and a veggie mix containing kale, bok choy, lettuce, and parsley. Today, Bella is much healthier weighing between 73-76 pounds! What is even more exciting is that her infections and hot spots have decreased significantly! We will continue to feed her raw in order for her to reap all its benefits!

Danielle Le Chasseur – BC, Canada

When my four year old Labrador was diagnosed with Stage 1 Kidney Disease, I was devastated. I had read that a raw or home cooked diet could be used to limit the progression of the disease but I knew I needed help to ensure I was feeding a balanced diet. I contacted Sarah & after a lengthy discussion of medical & dietary history, Sarah created a new nutritional program that was tailored to address not only the kidney disease but also help with chronic GI upset & food intolerances. We discussed the possibility of Leaky Gut Syndrome displaying as food sensitivities & a protocol that would help my dog as well.

Much to the astonishment of our vet, a repeat blood panel several weeks later showed a positive change & shortly after there were no signs of kidney disease. This was done through dietary change alone.
Throughout the last 4 years we have continued to do regular bloodwork without reoccurring issues with my dogs kidneys. I am incredibly grateful for Sarah’s advice & assistance making the switch to a home cooked diet. With Sarah’s guidance we addressed his health at its foundation & he is well supported with diet & the supplements he needs as he enters his senior years.

Thank you Sarah!

Beth Holbrook – BC, Canada

I have a lovely Anglo Arabian gelding that unfortunately didn’t get the best feet to support his 16.3hh frame. A change to his farrier routine plus adding a supplement helped however I always felt something was missing. Summer 2020 his coat wasn’t coming in as nice as previous years and we were having lots of training issues so I messaged Sarah to get her thoughts on a few nutrition things. Right off the hop she educated me on a whole foods approach for his nutrition and made some suggestions. Within 2 weeks of making changes his coat was noticeably different and by 4 weeks I noticed him being more playful, happier and more energetic. Within 6 weeks his hooves had also improved. When I began riding him again after a 6 week break he was no longer girthy, was way more willing to go forward and not resistant to many of the things he was before. This changes in his diet have made a world of difference for my horses gut health. I am so grateful that Sarah got me onto it and that she was able to help me understand how it would help my horse. Nutrition plays a HUGE roll in our horses health, I can really see that now. My expectations were exceeded and I would not hesitate to refer people to Sarah if they are struggling with their horse.

Christie Wengranowski – BC, Canada

Working with Sarah has been more than amazing! My 6 year old Miniature Schnauzer Harper has had a full recovery from bladder stones thanks to her help. Harpers urine pH was a 9.0 which is extremely alkaline for a dog causing the bladder stones to form. Sarah helped me tune in the diet + supplement regimen, restoring Harpers urine pH from a 9.0 back down to a normal range of 6.5 which was absolutely amazing! From the very start it has been an remarkable experience! Harper is thriving now, she’s never been this healthy and full of energy. I’m all the way in North Carolina and seeked out Sarah for her professional assistance. Recently I brought in another Miniature Schnauzer “Huck” so Harper has a little brother into the family. Sarah has helped me tune in a diet for him too and guided me through the puppy stage. Now I have two thriving Miniature Schnauzers that are full of love, energy and health.

Sarah I can’t thank you enough for everything!

Artim Zendeli, NC, USA

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